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Don’t forget solar panels for your holiday home
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Regular post-installation service to maximise power output

It’s important to protect your investment and have your solar power system serviced regularly.

Accumulated debris such as dust, dirt and leaves can reduce the amount of power that your panels generate by up to 20%. So it’s smart to have them cleaned regularly. How often depends on your environment – if you’re living on a dirt road, then your panels will need cleaning more often.

As part of our regular services we carry out an electrical safety check, inspect voltages and examine output cables to make sure they haven’t deteriorated.

Efficiency audit reports

We’ll measure the amount of power that is being generated before your panels are cleaned and serviced and then after and provide you with a written report on the performance. If there is very little improvement in the output and your system is working well, then the panel cleaning section of the service can probably be scheduled to be carried out less frequently.

Don’t forget solar panels for your holiday home – it can push power back to the grid when it’s not occupied!