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What type of systems are there?

Solar systems consist of panels plus an inverter to convert the solar generated power into useable power. The most common panels are mono-crystalline panels but there are also amorphous thin film panels which give a higher output on roofs that are shaded.

Is my house suitable for solar power?

For a roof top system, ideally your house should be facing north to get the maximum amount of sunlight on the panels, however we can tilt panels on other parts of your roof to gain the most rays. And while roof panels are the most common system, they aren’t the only way to generate solar power – a ground based system may give you the best result. If your roof is flat, we can tilt the panels so that they collect the maximum amount of rays.

Estimate of costs

Provide us with details of your house (how many squares of roofline and photos of your roof) and your address. We’ll do some preliminary investigation using Google Earth. This way, when we come to your property to do an energy audit and talk about your requirements, we can have a ball park figure already worked out for various systems. Of course if our energy audit reveals that your home may need some modifications – such as re-wiring – then that will incur extra costs that can be discussed.

Energy Audit

So you’ve decided to invest in solar power. How much will you need to generate and can you be more efficient in your power usage? We’ll carry out an energy audit on your home and look at how you use energy. What sort of lighting and heating do you have? Your appliances – are they five star efficient ones or do they gobble up power? Not only are we looking at where your power is going, but we can help you be more efficient in your energy use and save money. With energy usage meters – which we can provide – you can monitor your usage and the costs and make informed decisions as to when is the best time to use certain electrical appliances.

Feed in tariffs

The Feed in tariff is how much the electricity retailers pay you for the power that you return to grid. It’s important to know that you can get more than the minimum tariff from some power companies – so shop around and get the best price.


The rebate is a subsidy, set by the Federal government that you can receive when you install solar power. You receive it after the system is installed. This rebate is will reduce on 30/06/2012 and then again on 30/06/2013. The rebate will be stopped entirely on 30/06/2013.